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what he said.

Seriously that stuff looks like cheap snacks for the money. Sadly though, I'm giving serious thought to getting this one. Unlike the similarly priced simota and gruppe M, (that look waaaaay better) this one's getting air down low.

But man, that cheap tubing and tack on Dinan plate ... wtf.

Dinan's ace is that they supposedly produce superior quality items, so they can charge accordingly. But this looks like a home depot intake.

Change that tubing to powder coated bent pipe and a replacement airbox lid with the dinan logo molded in and I'd be a lot happier about spending $500.

The big thing still stopping me is getting clarification on if I can DIY this and still keep the warranty. No way I'm paying 2.5hrs labor at the dealer's $105/hr rate to install this. I'd have it done in 60min tops.