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Point #8 is a little worrysome, as some parts in your engine may contract when hit with cooler water. Always try to have the engine as cool as possible.
Hope I didn't come off being too harsh
No offense taken. I've been to the site you referred to and about 8 others that say virtually the same thing...All the info is fantastic but it doesn't address my needs and I would assume some of us who have been cleaning our own cars for over 20 years. Knowing how to properly detail isn't the problem. The problem was that there were no quick lists available (that I could find)anywhere on the net. I just was looking for a simple list of order for reference. That's why I made this... If you noticed, there really weren't many instructions, because you can find instructions everywhere. It's just a list to refer to if you desire.

As for the point you made about the engine being warm, below is my resource for that info. It comes from

To loosen the grease accumulated on your engine and the engine compartment, start your engine and allow it to warm for a few minutes. The best temperature for cleaning your engine is warm to the touch, but not hot. If you're able to hold your hand to the engine without saying "Ouch," then the temperature is just about right.

Also, in point #11, there is no need to towel dry. Infact, you can use a silicone based lubricant to dress the engine to give it that "wow" factor.
Towel drying eliminates the possibility of water spots appearing on plastic parts...

Here you advise to wash the car again before polishing...

As for your exterior procedure, start with washing the car to get any fine debris off. Otherwise you will be dragging any and all dirt particles when you remove the tar. This is especially important when claying the car. It is ment to remove contaminants, not pick up every piece of dirt and turn your claybar into sandpaper. Prior to polishing wash the car again! You will need to remove any residue left by the clay. Also, remember to never wax or polish in direct sunlight. Some products will bake onto your paint, leaving perminant damage.

If you go over the list and look at #16, you may see that was already included.

Again, just a list...
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