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OK guys,

Just doing the laptop part so not connected to my computer, but the instructions need a couple of steps...

In terms of the location of the drivers - the default location is not C:\PWGPro but instead if you just point the Driver search at C:\XPro...

Next, when I originally saved the file from my car to send to Imran, using the button 'read' to save it to my computer, the file saved as a .txt by default - Imran was able to use this, but might prefer a .bin file type so will correct me if neccesary.

Finally, the last stage I have just done which is to upload the map Imran sent back is a little unclear from the Instructions, at this point I saved the modified file to my C: and opened the Xpro application.

To upload the map to the switch unit, you need to click 'browse' in the bottom right - this will then allow you to choose your new map. Once this is done, you will see two previously grey fields are now accessible just below - 'Modified 1' and 'Modified 2' choose the first (I guess) and name your remap - I didnt put any spaces or weird charachters just to be on the safe side.

You then click 'write' which is just a little below!

Hope this helps, I will be heading outside to map the car at half time (leeds vs millwall) - hopefully all will be well but expect me to come back with avengeance if not haha!!