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i know im bumping this cause its old, but hey whatev.

i was selling that M3, and it had some boo-boo's in the front. i ended up selling the car for about 40K.

shoulda snagged it, cause the new owner is pumped he has a bad ass M3 now
if cars are FIXED RIGHT there are no issues.

i dont have any M3's are on the radar(yet ), but i have a 01 530 sport/premium/manual/silver/grey with 80K on it for sale for a bangin price

new struts (4), coolant system, headgasket, headlights and other goodies.

i need to get some pics on the site, but havent had time. im going out of town next week. will be up shortly though!

i stand behind any car i sell. i stand behind any work i do. i only use OEM BMW parts. using BMW OEM parts, they come with a 2year/unlimited warranty PARTS AND LABOR. i dont lie/cheat/steal when it comes to cars. i have been swindled on cars, and karma is a mo-fo. thus my business practice is the same, the truth is the only way to go!

Let me know if i can do any thing for you guys. service, repair, race or body work, i can do it all
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