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So sorry this happened to you.. Hope you get reparation through BMW Canada.

All I know, and this is by reading lots of posts here and elsewhere, and talking to people, and my own experience...

IS this:

At any specific dealer in North America, One's purchasing experience can be great, the other guy's piss poor... Same dealer, service dept is Piss poor for one, and a great for the other... YMMV to all..

Sad but true. I had a very bad purchasing experience at Canbec back in 2003, so I went to Laval for all service done to the car. It was great.

Then I purchased my E90 in 2007 at Laval.. Great sales guy. Everything fine and dandy.. But then needed to go at BMW Laval to have hail storm damages fixed, and I had the worst experience ever...

So now I bought an E86 at Canbec and got a great sales experience...
So the big question is : Where to do the service?

PS.. Using paragraphs makes your rant easier to read...