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I'm just saying, Dinan has people with engineering degrees who understand fluid dynamics. Unless you've spent some time in school (maybe you have, I don't know) you're not going to improve the product by cutting some here, or venting something there
Dude .... have you seen the pics of said Dinan intake?!? I know you usually tow the Dinan/OEM line, and that's cool. I mostly agree with you.

But I highly highly highly highly greatly enormously suspect there wasn't any fluid dynamics going on when they slapped a corrugated flexy tube on there. Talk about turbulent air.

If anything, I'm guessing they're just shoving as much air in as they can knowing that the e90 ECU can take advantage of some more.

Otherwise, they're just selling crap because they know somebody'll buy it. And that blows the whole, 'Dinan are experts' theory.