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Hi all,

i tryied today to fit my Alpine kit as well...

unfortunately i havent finished yet since i dont have rear folding seats and that was a big problem for me...

finally i managed to bring the harness to the front two sides, made the connections ( i believe correct) and connected the amp to the power and grounding,

i still have the passengers side left to do tommorrow.

it seems something is wrong though... when i turn on the radio, i wait for a few sec until voice comes from the front speakers and when it finnaly comes the volume is lower than the rear ones!

that means that the rear speakers play louder than the fron ones!!!

i tryied to make some settings with fader and balance and with the radio on full volume the front speakers (mid bass and tweeter) play normal and not loud! actulally they play less louder than before!!!

any suggestions why? is it because i still havent connected the passengers side?

is it any connection wrong? if the connections were wrong i would not have voice from the speakers at all i believe....

please help....