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Originally Posted by AHY View Post
Not sure if it's listed anywhere but what is the size of the drain bolt, and is it a recessed drain plug port? I'd like to buy a Fumoto Engine Oil drain valve.

This is probably old news, but I noticed this and would like to chime in...

Fumoto Drain Valve :

On the 335 I :
Oil drain is on the side of the oil pan, and you can use the both the fumoto valve with a nipple, and without the nipple.

On the 335 XI :
Oil drain in on the BOTTOM of the oil pan, facing downwards.
The fumoto valve WITH a nipple will be too long. Do not use this one.
The fumoto valve WITHOUT a nipple will be a tight fit, but the plastic trap door over the oil pan drain will close.

On mine [XI, using NO-NIPPLE fumoto valve], I trimmed the plastic ribbing on the inside of the plastic trap door, so that it would shut without 'bulging'.
You can still shut the door without trimming the inside of it, but it will have a slight bulge as the fumoto valve will press up against it.

FYI : I do not have an 'I', and you may need the 'extender' to make it past the oil pan cavity. Notice that on the 'I', the drain plug is recessed, and when you screw in the valve it may but up against the oil pan without screwing in all the way. For that, there is an extender that you screw in first.

Summary :
I : use versions either with or without nipple (you may need the extender to make it past the recessed oil pan)
XI : use only version WITHOUT nipple (and it's a snug fit. no extender necessary)