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Originally Posted by omaragha View Post
Good idea, I think paying 671 + VAT is way too much money on a monthly basis, coupled with the depreciation of your 335i just seems commercially un-viable.

I particularly enjoyed the look of total shock on an M3 drivers face when he assumed that a heavy right foot would destroy a normal E92 Coupe at the lights (I am a debaged 335d :-)and onto a local dual carriageway where i passed him !

Keep the car !

PS, My previous 2 BMW's have been an E36 and E46 M3, I see no reason to buy an E92 M3 now that I have the 335D. Personally I think BMW screwed up by having the 335 so close (or better with map) in performance to the M3. That wasn't the case in the E46 range so hence why I had an M3.

I wonder how many 335 owners on this forum had previously had an E46 M3. ? I would expect quite a few. I do like the new M3 but I have no reason to splash the extra money for no increase in performance. Anyway I don't see many E9x M3's around my area and I think that is because there isn't a big market for them anymore.


My thoughts exactly.
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