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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
off topic........

That's pretty good for an M3 lease. I pay similar, 750/m (inc vat), for my 335i on PCP. I run a business too, but surely its madness to have your firm buy the car for you as then you have to pay personal company car benefit tax on it? which will be shed loads on an M3 / 335i!!!

back on thread.......

Yeh 335i / 335d are quick but don't forget an M3 is very different to a 3 series, its not just a 335i with a V8 in it. Different - and unique - drive train, body work, suspension, brakes, interior the lot.

I would say it is a very different car that looks a like a 3 series. That, low volume, and the engine - and what an engine - are what make it special, not just headline BHP figures. So an M3 is always a big step up from a 335i/d as really it is a different car, unless you aren't bothered by anything other than horsepower. Same for all M cars - they are not directly comparable to the basic models on which they are based on / developed from.

If I could chip my 335i to 500bhp I would still prefer a beautiful (last of its kind) normally aspirated V8 M3 to a 'fakey' chipped turbo!

So, OP, damn good man for buying an M3 - enjoy it while its legal and f##k the expense!
the m3 basically has the 'x-factor'