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Good point of view!..You do have to be a little obsessive when it comes to this stuff...Ill tell you though, the reason I am such a Zaino advocate, is because it WORKS so well...If youre like me, you might remember "Q-Tipping" the vinyl siding and exterior trim after waxing to get all that white crud off...Not anymore..I go right over the stuff... And NOW you dont even have to worry about that, because the E90 doesnt even have that stuff!!

But really... Even if you dont want to dedicate all your time to detailing, dont change your car color because of the maintenance factor...Theres nothing worse than having "second thoughts" after dropping 34 grand, and always looking twice at that black sapphire next to you at the stop light..You can tell that look a mile away, and I get it all the time.... :rocks:

Once a year! thats all!