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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post

Yeh 335i / 335d are quick but don't forget an M3 is very different to a 3 series, its not just a 335i with a V8 in it. Different - and unique - drive train, body work, suspension, brakes, interior the lot.

I would say it is a very different car that looks a like a 3 series. That, low volume, and the engine - and what an engine - are what make it special, not just headline BHP figures. So an M3 is always a big step up from a 335i/d as really it is a different car, unless you aren't bothered by anything other than horsepower. Same for all M cars - they are not directly comparable to the basic models on which they are based on / developed from.

If I could chip my 335i to 500bhp I would still prefer a beautiful (last of its kind) normally aspirated V8 M3 to a 'fakey' chipped turbo!

So, OP, damn good man for buying an M3 - enjoy it while its legal and f##k the expense!
Good points and well made, my point is that the gap between the top end 3 series and the M3 is not as wide as it was in the E46 / E36 range IMO. Thus why you don't see as many E92 M3's on the road as E46 M3's for instance. Its low volume because there is not a big market for them anymore. If demand was high production would be increased !

I am not knocking the E9x M3 as I do love the car and could of bought one if I had wanted but I just felt that the M Sport 335D represented better VFM, which aint a bad thing in these trying times IMO.
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