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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
I don't know about that... why custom make a mid design that cannot be used in all the models so the development costs could be reduced and thus increase the profit and the sales?

BMW did exactly that, so what's the problem?

It cannot be said that it is because the Coupe and Convertible require different drivers to sound the same as the Sedan, as you can get the same set of Focal 100KP components that fit all the models and still sound great in all of them.
yeah i totally agree. i was under the impression that they made their own drivers and therefore thought they would make them so they are compatible with all e9X if not all current BMW's. this is why i didn't understand why there was such a long "development" stage

Originally Posted by Dracon View Post
Their website makes it seem like they are making their own custom speakers.... So I was under this impression as well.

Joey, which part of P'boro you live in? I used to live and work in the Ortons while I was stationed by my company out there.
I used to live in Orton Longueville once upon a time, right by British Sugar. I live in the Hamptons now, behind serpentine green.