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OCDetailing Detailed: '06 Nissan 350Z Metallic Black

Hey everyone,

So I had this beautiful car to work on for two days. It was definitely tiring but well worth it. I ran a little short on time and was not able to address the rear lights but I will be making a short trip to look after that this coming week. Also there were swirls underneath the clear bra that could not be addressed.

Paint wise you can tell the paint was not in the greatest condition. At first I thought I was looking at a different Z as when I first saw the Z it looked maroon. You have to love the metal flake. In terms of the correction I was happy with the outcome.

Enough of my blabbering. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

I know i know, just one last note this was by far the nicest client I have ever had. I hope everyone is able to have a client that is like this. I was brought lemon water, cookies and was even invited to stay for dinner. Amazing people so I wanted to do an even better job.

Here we go.

Meguars Gold Class
Sheep Skin Wash Mitts (Panels)
Microfiber Wash Mitt (Wheels)
Grit Guard
3 Buckets
Wheel Brush
EZ Brush
Stoners Tarminator
P21S Metal Polish
0000 Steel Wool

Riccardo Yellow
QID & H20

Paint Correction
2 x Makita PE 12-175
PC 7424
Sonus Yellow Compounding
Sonus White Polishing
LCC Yellow 4 inch
LCC White 4 inch
Menzerna SIP
Menzerna PF
Menzerna 80RD

Defelsko PTG
Fenix Tk10
10 x 10 Canopy
A bunch of spray bottles

Paint: Natty Blue
Wheels: PB's Wheel Wax
Tires: OPT



First up is a test panel on the hood. I started off with white pad with PO85RD and there was minimal difference if anything at all. I then bumped it up to white pad with PF that did quite well however I had to make three passes with that combo to get to results I was happy with. I decided for most of the vehicle I would just use the combo of white and menz PF as I found the softness in the polishing pad was preferable over using a combo like Yellow and SIP and finish up with White, PF then White and PO85RD. It took me about 2-3 hours to get to this point. Was it worth it? Yes. Whoops just noticed that I am missing a step that I didn't take a picture of. The last picture above was after my second hit of the white pad and PF and not the third.

Passenger side front passenger panel 50/50.

Side mirror

Sun shot of hood

Above are 50/50's of different areas of the passenger door.

If you are allergic to sexy legs turn a blind eye to these 50/50.

Front passenger door and related area corrected.

Plastic Trim on passenger side. Before and After.

Rocker Panel 50/50
For the rear quarter i had to go with a more aggresive combo and had to hit the area with two hits of yellow and SIP then, white and PF and white with PO85rd

Cleared up

Another Part of the rocker Panel 50/50

Passenger Side completed just after polishing

Side Mirror Cleared up

Just a couple of correction shots.

Trunk and Spoiler Corrected.




Rocker panel corrected

Driver side corrected


Favourite Shot: Mind the George Constanza pose. :afro:

Ignore the wax residue please.

Final pics by owner

Time Worked: 19 Hours ( Day 1: 12 Hours, Day 2: 7 Hours)
Toronto, Ontario