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I have been waiting for this mod, but to be honest I feel so ripped off and feel as though Dinan is treating us as idiots. This is what I do for a living (Industrial Design Engineer) and can tell you that there is less than $15.00 in the BOM plus the price of the K&N filter. Has no one at Dinan ever taken a marketing class? Do they have their heads so far up their as@ that they don't even understand basic elasticity of the market?

Dinan, if you read these forums, which you should but likely donít, do some basic sales analysis and pull your head out. If you sold this kit for $200.00 you would sell 100x as many units and increase overall profit. Pricing 101: set a price that is below perceived value, but higher than your competition. This creates value, to us the consumer.

If this is the type of reasoning they use on all of their products, count me out for anything Dinan. Which IS a loss for them since I had planned on doing a complete Dinan car, super charger and all.

See yeah Dinan! (If you have ANY balls you would reply to these posts.)
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