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Great work, the swirls really made the paint look dull on this car, but after you were done the flake really popped. I really liked the reflection shots.

Originally Posted by nikku View Post
thanks for the tip. The clear bra was tapped up There was some wax residue from client application.

Do you use a specific rinse ? I'm going to try a duster.

This was an interesting detail the wind kept blowing tree seeds and what not onto the car. I had to constantly blow them off lol.

BTW nice quote lol.
I think a simple wash or an ONR wash would be better than a duster, I'd be hesitant to use a duster which leaves a chance of causing swirls, especially on soft paints like jet black. If you got a water deionizer you could get away with just using water to rinse without a risk of water spots.