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Originally Posted by Dr Dave View Post
Hmmmmmm I like the idea of this.....

So no coding etc to do, just plug and play?
Yes it is sort of plug and play, there is definitely no coding required. It all depends on the Slip Ring, which is the bit that transfers the signals from the steering wheel switches to the cars' brain. I gather that they change that part regularly and it depends on whether you have the multi function switches. On my late 08 build I found there were two spare contacts and used them by knocking up a circuit behind the airbag and another from the back of the slip ring to the Gear Selector. Very simple wiring, but you have to dismantle quite alot to do it. ie remove airbag, remove old wheel, remove steering column covers, remove centre console trim etc. Plus you have to get hold of a wheel with the flappy paddles, you can't just add the paddles to your existing wheel. I picked mine up on ebay, but would probably cost 800ish from a dealer for all the parts.

Overall I would highly recommend fitting them, but its not too easy and you do have to be very careful when dealing with Airbags!!! - Make sure you disconnect the battery before doing anything - You have been warned!!

There are loads of DIY help on the various forums, some of it did not directly relate to my model, but it was very helpful - especially how to remove the existing wheel - just do a search