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Originally Posted by roozie2001 View Post
i mean i have a 335 its plenty fast and comfy and i just ordered a jb3 but after i test drove the m3 i want m3 handling. i want m3 finishes. that car is beautiful
LOL where in this thread did u even see the M3 being mentioned?

now to the point...

i have an 08 335 sedan and when i bought it i was torn apart in whether its going to be the bimmer or the G35s sedan. i test drive both (keep in mind at that time i was coming from a 350Z) and must say that both were great cars. both were fast and had great handling. the only reason why i went with the bimmer, and i know it might sound dumb, is because i had put both cars on order to fit my custom needs, and the bimmer got here in 1.5 months. it took Infinity a lil over 4 months to receive the G that i ordered.

i think comparing a 328i to the G37s was just retarded because the they have almost nothing in common except being 4 door sedans and handling.