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Originally Posted by fotios335i View Post
Im sure there is a huge number of 335's without any issues. you make it sound like the car is a piece of crap. Being afraid to drive one of the best cars on earth is rediculous.
"best" has to be defined.
If you define "best" by :
How cool is it?
How many heads does it turn?
How sexy does it look?

Then yes, it's one of the best.

But if you define "best" by :
How likely is it to break down?
How likely is it to need maintenance?
How much bang for the buck (speed wise)?

Then no, it's far from the best.

Originally Posted by ZBMW View Post
It's an expensive job to replace it and it's the only reoccurring problem that affects the driveability of the car.
Wastegate rattle will rob you of tons of power if it gets bad. And they don't have to fix until they deem it severe enough.

My issues : (@ 10.5k miles)
- Wastegate rattle (They told me to get lost when I took it in to get fixed)
- Random 'engine sputters out' while driving slowly or when on idle. (Just stops out of the blue)
- Air conditioning broke (only ever turned it on ~4 times, it hardly got a work out.)
- Lock system sometimes goes crazy. (I click shut/open, and it ignores me, or just does one door instead of both... totally random which door it chooses too. Fortunately it's rare and I only need to turn the car on/off to make it stop.)
- (*grumble* and got lied to about getting an oil cooler when I ordered the car *grumble*)

My old accord was over 190k miles before it had the FIRST problem where it had difficulty running... and it was fixed for under $100. (new ignition module).

My evo, I drove it like I was *trying* to kill it. I beat the shit out of that car... the wastegates were *perfect*. Actually, it never had a single problem.

The 335? I drove it like a granny for 3k miles (wouldn't go over 3k rpm). Then I drove it 'nice' till 6k miles (kepy it under 5k rpm). Not till 6k miles did I start to take the tach near redline. I put in fresh fully synthetic oil and new filter every 2k miles, just to do a clean 'flush'. It's been babied in every way possible. It shouldn't have a single mechanical problem.
And with only 10k miles, it shouldn't have *any* electrical problems.

My 335 does *not* scream reliability to me.
At this point, I am _expecting_ a HPFP failure before 30k miles.