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Got mine a couple days ago too. Yes, at least they've fessed up about the issue, but will they resolve it anytime soon? Sounds like the new/revised HPFPs are just as bad.

I haven't had any HPFP issues yet and I'm about to hit 35K miles, but I know what it feels like to be one of the few affected by such an issue. I remember going through all the crap with my Acura CL and it's multiple transmissions. I went through 5 or 6, I don't remember exactly at this point but it was one of the two. They were ticking time bombs with the warranty also extended to 100K miles. Towards the end it just became a known wear and tear item to me that would have to be replaced about every 12K miles along with my tires...very sad. And yes, the warranty was extended to 100K miles no matter which revised/updated tranny you got...and there were numerous updates apparently.

Now that I think about it, getting the run around from BMW in regards to the well known wastegate rattling issue has also been a pain in the ass. It took three dealer visits for them to finally acknowledge that it was an issue and then after having my car for a couple days and updating the software and replacing the wastegates they just went ahead and peformed the DIY fix posted on this forum.
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