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I saw that a member fit a 19X9.5, V710 rear with a 22et on an e90 LCi. It fit until he lowered it with H&R springs then he got rubbing even with rolled fenders. He was using a 265/30 rear. He managed to shave off 4 mm of the hub of the wheel putting him at 26et. By the pictures, it fit FLUSH and looked awesome. He no longer has any rubbing.

I too have an e90 LCI and want an agressive M3 offset. I was wondering if I went with a 9.5" 33et in the V710's, would it be ok to add a 5-8mm spacer to acheive the same aggresive stance. I am not lowered nor do I have my fenders rolled but I may be doing it, if I see fit. I had also planned to go with a 35et up front...

Also, Do you sell wheel and tire packages? thanks...

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