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Originally Posted by ///Matt
actually... it's a new engine.

Different block design and material, no valvetronic, direct injection with piezo-electric fuel injectors running almost 3000 psi... it's the N54. a new, different engine than the N52. if it was just modified, it would have a different designation, like when vanos was first added to the M52, it became the M52TU. We don't use TU anymore, but it would be something like N52V2HO. but it's not. It's N54.

The 'new' valvetronic 330i engine has a 2996cc displacement as the 335i biturbo engine has a 2979cc displacement. The same as the 'old' E46 330i (M54)engine:

"The most obvious difference between the base 330i and 328i is the additional $590 that buys you six 496.5cc cylinders instead of six 465.5cc cylinders. The blip in displacement is courtesy of a stroke increase of 5.6 millimeters to 89.6mm."

84mm x 89.6mm is the 335i bore x stroke per cylinder....

Can someone inform me if that is the same 'old' E46 3 litre engine, but now with direct injection and 2 turbos etc? I recall reading it's the 'same' in its base specs. ????
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