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Exclamation "Braking & Dynamic Response Systems Malfunctioned" Error Message Help

So far I've gotten an error message on my '07 335i that indicates that the "Braking & Dynamic Response Systems Malfunctioned" and that I should "Drive carefully and avoid hard braking."

I've gotten this message three times now after spending about 30 minutes (25 miles) driving.

The last time the car completely died on me for 90 minutes before magically starting up again.

The dealer (Bellevue BMW) says it's because I don't drive the car enough and that the battery is low, although I do put about 9k miles on the car every year, and every time this error message happened I've been driving the car for at least 30 minutes over about 25 miles. They say I need to buy a battery conditioner and use it every night, even though this is my daily driver!

Anyone have a similar experience, or idea's on what could be happening? I don't believe having to use a battery tender every night is a reasonable expectation for this car given it's a daily driver...
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