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Originally Posted by agarbati
I am thinking of Zaino'ing my car as soon as I get delivery to protect the paint from the get go. Should I follow the recipe in the posts above or should I go with a limited Zaino products application? I don't know what kind of protective(?) coating a car comes with from the dealership.
if you are going to do it that soon, wash it and give it 2 (or more) good coats of Z-5, and then as much Z-6 (or Z-8) as you want..thats all you will need...The extended crap they have you do, is if your car has been through hell and back, and has 4 layers of depositis to get rid of....again, most of the routine is about getting the junk OFF as opposed to putting a shine on it..

thats good you are doing it so soon...many say wait a while, but I say no way..Z-5 and especially Z-6 is inherently pure from additives, so there will be no glazing or damage to your paint...youll be hooked from day 1...