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Originally Posted by vtec96 View Post
Finally, I did my first Zaino detail.
It was easy and turn out great!
Took me around 4.5 hours to wash, clay and 3 layers of Z2+ZFX and Z6 in between.

So I went out took some photos...and it start raining...
I did a quick rinse and dry when I got home.
Here are the questions..

1. Did I just washed off my Zaino? Should I put another layer of Z2 + ZFX? or just Z2?
2. Should I put one layer every month?

Thanks guys!
Congrats on being a Z-convert.

1. You should be OK if you only used water. Just make sure you don't use detergents such as Dawn which will strip your Zaino back off. Z7 is what I use for a wash.

2. You should not need more layers each month unless the environment is really, really, harsh -- it lasts a long time, especially compared to wax. My experience is that additional layers of Z2 are more likely when you want to apply them... Watch the beading of water on your car... when it starts to not be as good as you remember, or you just want to apply another layer or two for added depth to the look, do it. If you do any paint correction with clay, ZPC, or a more heavy-duty technique, you need to reapply Z2 to those areas at a minimum.

My E93 is garaged and covered after the wash/dry ritual when not on the road, and it can go months without new applications -- most people wouldn't know the difference. I tend to add a couple layers every 3-4 months or when the urge strikes me -- it isn't though because I need to. I guess it's a bit therapeutic for me. A couple weekends ago I decided to do some detailing work, stripped the polish off with Dawn, clayed, fixed a few other imperfections on several panels, then did the Z5+ZFX/Z6/Z5+ZFX/Z6/Z2 regime. That transformation is always amazing. This past Saturday, it got another Z2+ZFX/Z6/Z2+ZFX/Z6/ZCS for good measure, as I love the added depth on my Monaco Blue. The exterior is probably good-to-go for the summer or beyond, only needing to do some interior Z10 leather treatment every few weeks. I'll bet though something will strike me to add another layer or two before then.

My Lexus RX400h is also garaged most of the time, is a light grey metallic color (bamboo), but isn't pampered as much as my Bimmer and as such needs it's Z2 application on a more regular basis -- every 4 months or so to keep the water beading the way the way I expect it to. It's a much lighter color than my E93, so I only apply a single Z2 layer when I think it's needed. Over the years, I've found I can't tell a significant difference building up multiple layers on most lighter paint colors, as I can with darker colors, so I no longer go to that effort as I once did.