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I had an interesting visit to my Dealer today .. I went for an alignment, and hit them with my new take on the Tick,Tick,Ticking that they claimed months ago was normal.

I sat with my SA, and asked him to hear me out. I explained in great painful detail everything I had read on here, and just how much I knew about what the real issue here was. After me rambling for 10-15 minutes, he looked at me and said there is a bleeding process they can do, to eliminate the ticking issue. (Geesh, all of a sudden he knows about the issue?)

That allowed me to again ramble about what I knew about the bleeding process, and how that was generally a temporary stop gap, until the noise comes back again ... However I understand "process", so I allowed them to "bleed" the car today while it was in.

After all was said and done, and they were shocked that I knew so much, he agreed without any fight to open a PUMA case for me on the issue ... He said he will get back to me and let me know the status, as soon as he knows more.

So all in all, I got as far as getting them to open a PUMA case ... Now I have no idea what will happen. I'm sure that my car is either ticking again now, or will tomorrow, at which point I will call him immediately to make him aware ... and to rub it in a little, I will also email him an MP3 of it (not that it will help, but so he knows I'm serious if he didnt understand that already)

Now the waiting game.

What might happen next? Anyone hazard a guess ?