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Originally Posted by RedStripe
Bozo5521, I'm sold. What is your optimal Zaino strategy for a brand new car, once I get it from the dealership? Thanks.
Look, I know guys that are absolutely obsessive about Zaino, and use all 10 million dollars worth of their products..I have pretty much done that, but its not necessary...For a brand new car, (without spots or marks), get a bottle of Z-2, Z-5 and Z-6..and thats all you'll need..2 good h ours on your car, and youll be good for a year..Although, after admiring the job youve done, youll want to "throw-on" a few more layers of Z-6...

The Z-6 is probably the most important one youll need after the initial treatment...Its just a spray, that "attaches" itself to the finish of your car..(which is why its so important to remove any deposits or water marks beforehand)...

The amazing thing about Zaino, is its not some hairbrain scheme with fancy advertising...Seen any Zaino commercials lately? NO..Not only that, the CEO and Founder of this product gives you his PERSONAL number and will give you tip after tip, and help you through your entire process..Try that with ANY other product...Dont think so....