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I went to the track on the weekend for the first time with the car... and I could not for the life of me break anything less than 2.3 seconds on the 60 foot with my Style #230 rims and stock RE050a RFT's. Is this common???

I'm not sure if it was the strip was partly at fault for this, but it was a chilly day (about 5-10 degrees celcius).

I was also running with a full tank of 94 octane gas lol...

13.9 @ 101 was the best time I had all day.

Mods: Injen DCI and Procede v3 rev2.

Downpipes and FMIC are enroute... hopefully this week I'll have them on.

Also, how do you take advantage of the higher octane race fuel that's available at the track??? What kind of mixture should I be looking at? What settings should I place on the Procede? Thx!