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Front door "eating" Rear Door

Ok I know the title sounds ridiculous but I do not know how to phrase the issue another way.

My Drivers door edge is eating into the paint of the back door that it closes onto.

But its not only the drivers side but also the passenger side.

I put touch up paint on each spot every month to keep it from rusting, but the front door strips that away too.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this something the dealer should fix? Could this be the source of the creaking my car experiences when pulling into driveways of unequal planes (a problem attributed by the dealer to my aftermarket window tint (which btw....does that really cause rattles cause I think that is BS)) Any help, suggestions, comments appreciated...

Here is a pic to illustrate:

1st pic: Drivers Side Rear door
2nd pic: Pass. Side Rear door
3rd. pic: Same but zoomed out to show where it is in relation to door
4th pic. Pass. Side Front door where the door meets the rear door (blurry sorry but as clear as I could get it)
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