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Originally Posted by possible335i2008 View Post
have any of the new forgestar there?
Not yet Hopefully getting them soon.

Originally Posted by stressdoc View Post
Someone drag a set of Volk CE30 or CN28 over to STO to get weighed.

Some of the OEM wheels would be great too, so folks could see how much unsprung weight they would be losing by swapping out for some quality wheels.

This is a great thread.
We are getting 19 CN28 soon, I will update this thread with the weight of them as soon as they hit here.
We will keep this thread updated with any of wheel weight information for sure.
Thank you

Originally Posted by E90 Autosport View Post
very nice inventory big $$$ right there.
All for our customers

Originally Posted by King_666 View Post
could you pm me the price of the 360 cf5 please
Oh, sorry.. I didn't realize you posted to get a quote here since this is not a sale thead I will send a PM with the price soon.
Thank you.

Originally Posted by hihi100234 View Post
how's the weights on hre 540r? 19s
We haven't had any chance to weight them yet.. will update it when we have them here!

Originally Posted by stressdoc View Post
Other data sources for wheel weights: see attached pdf. TireRack also has weights listed. Nice thing about this STO thread is the reliability of the same scale/conditions, and current up-to-date info.
Thank you for the great information

Originally Posted by Quisp View Post
I have a set of Volk RE30s on my car. I weighed then when I got them but the method was not nearly as accurate as here. It was the "break out the bathroom scale and weigh yourself holding the wheel then with out the wheel and see what the difference is" technique.They are 19x9 and 19x10, both were under 20lbs, but that was with the method I described above.
Originally Posted by Craig@SupremePower View Post
Yeah scales vary a bit, but whats cool here is they've posted a bunch on their scale so you get an idea how they compare.... but I agree on our SP scales before my C20's shipped they were weighed and front 19x8.5's were under 19's and rear 19x10's were about 19.5 lbs!