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airbag light ON? anyone has this problem?

this is the first time i experienced this. i parked the car tonight for dinner, came back with my gf and turned the engine on. the AIRBAG light came on, at first i thought it was the seatbelts, took the belts off and fasten the belts again, then drove for 20 to 30 secs.. then light was still on. we pulled to the side, turned car off, waited 1 min, turned the car back on again, AIRBAG light was off.

Then Drove 1 miles, went to my friends place for 30 mins, Came back and turned the car on, AIRBAG light ON again. Turned the car off, Turned it on again, it was fine.. drove 10 miles home then parked. started the car after 10 mins, and it was fine.

has anyone has this problem before? what is the cause?


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