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Originally Posted by uhaulball
hey guys i wanna go ahead and attempt this this tomorrow. i really dont know what im doing?

some questions. where can i get the KN filter, and must i install it, some people seem to not have done so.

some people said they had to clean something after certain milage after this filter delete? why do you have to do that, if you didnt have to prior to the delete?

also, could i do this delete, and then at a later point in time, get an aftermarket intake? or is this filter PART of the intake, which wont even be there if i got an intake?

No, you don't clean it after any milage. When you cut the the filter out it will leave dust all over the filter box. Then of course sanding leaves some dust as well. It will be obvious to you once you do it that you have to wipe all the dust off, and esspecially out of the intake box! No biggie, but you'll see what I mean....

The K&N can be found online, or almost any auto parts store. Do a search here and you'll get the info. including part number. The filter has to be cleaned and re-oiled, but at a reccommended 50,000 miles. They sell the cleaner kit with both and fool-proof instructions. Simple stuff really.

BTW Greeney, how'd you make out?