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Originally Posted by alpinedevil335 View Post

First Pass
13.530 at 104.81mph (horrible reaction time!)

Second Pass
13.495 at 106.82(reaction time got worse!)

Third pass(This time on the left lane)
13.195 at 108.12mph(improved reaction time but still really bad)

Fouth pass(final and personal best)
12.940 at 108.73mph(my best reaction time of the day)

Track Staff Screwed up on this time slip my car number comes up as 6132
should have been 6134

I know I know !! My Driving sucks Ass! but im working on it hopefully my next track experience will be much improved.
So what should i be running with the mods I have? (if i improve my driving)
Any Advise Mike?
Reaction time does not factor into your ET. Your ET improvements are independent of the reaction time improvements.