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I had called Autohaus, they said it'd cost me $120 to determine if it's covered by CPO. Same thing Durham said. The dealer I got it from is out of town so going there isn't really an option as I'm too busy to go there, likely twice, and continue to argue.

Although I don't have specific recall info, I was told my car doesn't qualify. I apologize if my previous post mislead anyone. I know another guy with the same mileage, non ZSP, with the exact same problem. I think the "reconditioning" (as per CPO website) process on my car was not done or something, cause oh man were there ever a lot of fault codes in the computer when I had a friend check it out, and it needed a new battery one and the airbag faults were there day one as well. Anyway, Performance BMW in St Catherines and Joe Primo can shove it. So can BMW Canada for telling me I should have done my due diligence. Sorry for the too much info.