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1) 2009 E90 335i, Auto
2) 1,243 feet above sea level, temp 91 and 20% humidity
3) Its a stock car: RPI Scoops - DTC/DSC completely off
4) 1/8 of a tank on 91 (Car said I have 42 miles in the tank, when I finished it had 11) lol.
5) Just normal paper work removal, cleaned the glove box and the trunk out.
4) Stock 18's / RFT
5) Been driving auto for a long time, new to launching it, Anywhere between 1900-2300RPMs was the sweet spot for me.
I am car #20 - best run was my first 13.969 @ 99.61 w/ 2.091 60'. The rest I couldn't break past 14, but oh so close!

This was my first time dragging in this car. I've dragged before, but not in AZ. I was mainly staged against, hot rods and really fast tricked out cars. I don't know what to take from this event, I am proud of what I did with a stock car. I was the only BMW in the lanes, rest were fast civics with drag radials, mustangs chucking out 500HP to the wheels and really heavily modded muscles/hot rods. Even for someone that wasn't as experienced at Firebird Raceway, the event wasn't organized well. I wasn't told I needed a helmet, (I would have brought mine) if you go faster than 14.000 you need a helmet. So, I asked around and you'll be amazed at how nice people are to help you find a helmet. Old guys were coming up to me after the runs saying, you just ran a sedan against a modded Nova and won... borrow my helmet. I got that teched, and went on to do 3 more runs before the big boys came out to play. They made me change the numbers on my windows multiple times because of my speed and helmet. The most favorite part of the night was my first run. The look on the guys face when I was keeping up with him in his modded Chevelle. It was classic, I see him look over in a glazed look, like huh? Overall, I will definitely do this again, what a rush! BMW has built a solid car and what an experience you can get from a family sedan. I drove it there, tracked it, and drove it back... not many cars can do this. However, I would like to hear from other autos on their experience or hints, tips, and advice to do better, thanks!

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