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Originally Posted by Bonefish View Post
The ones from JLevis SUCK! They are in no way a perfect fit to the stockers. I took ALOT of time lining them up an still had lots of troubles. You have to push bottom in first with top angled out and then push down to get top in. I broke one tab....and called to bitch about it to them. They basically told me we don't replace when you break tab on install...but, if we have one laying around maybe we will. They did and sent me a bill for $12.00 in freight. The item was nothing so, I think $12.00 in freight was a rip. Then they told me oh yeah it also has a broken tab. I did not even respond. I won't purchase from them again.

Note I did not PULL the grills out. I took out the 4 screws at the top of the bumper and put my hand behind the grills and pushed in on the tabs so, they popped right out. Worked great!
I bought the painted one from them. The paint wasn't a perfect match. You can tell it's a little duller in the sun.