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Originally Posted by Synikal View Post
Although, I am not as 'in your face' as Lowcruzr, lol... I did 2.091 60' with out a tune. So, it is possible!
Alessandro wasn't referring to the 60' time as the implied factor in my post. ANYTHING in the 2.xx area for a 60' time sucks; it indicates a fairly poor launch/loss or traction. Alessandro was stating that the trap speed of 107mph isn't possible with such a crappie launch unless the car has a tune to make up for it at the far end of the track. Well, I'm tellin ya that it is. I did it sans mods.

Like I said before, I've been complaining for weeks about my factory reflash. Look for my posts in the "has anyone contacted BMW regarding 29.2 and lag...". I wouldn't be complaining if I had a tune.
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