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Originally Posted by marconi118 View Post
Indeed Biltein is producing a PSS10 with manual damping settings (10 steps) but olso a fixed damping kit PSS B14 I think that costs lot less. It should have fixed sport damping.

H&R mades 2 kits (one fixed one manually adjustable) thar are in inox (like KW) the shocks are made by bilstein and identical to PSS10 monotube. They are cheaper and in inox.

In reality for both PSS and HR kits bilstein is doing the shocks and HR the springs. each company his own speciality... they made a bussines contract since long time now...
Yes, the B14 kit is much cheaper, and supposedly setup somewhere in between the Normal and Sport settings of the B16 Ride Control. I haven't tried a car with the B14 so can't comment first hand.

H&R shocks are made by Bilstein, but I think you'll find the variable damping system is based on the PSS9 as opposed to the PSS10, as the H&R are 9-way adjustable as opposed to 10-way. Not a big difference, although Bilstein do say that the valving consistency in the PSS10 is within tighter tolerance than the PSS9 and hence performance is more consistent in the extremes.

The Bilstein's also have a special coating on them that improves the durability of the shocks to an extent that they outperform even stainless steel in terms of corrosion resistance and longevity.

And yes, the Bilstein springs are made by H&R, wound to Bilstein's specification.