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FrankoQ, this is for you.

I changed the settings on my camera and was able to get much better pictures. I've taken four pictures, initially taking them from a distance, then moving closer and closer. All pictures were taken with the bumper well lit with a halogen work lamp and the camera flash on. The bumper is fairly dirty, and obviously wet from the rain. I thoroughly wiped down the focus area of the pictures.

This first picture is from a standing position, the camera held at head level, and it is a very good representation of what it looks like to the naked eye when you are standing over the bumper. From this distance, with the naked eye, the epoxy looks the same as the Monaco Blue body color.

This second picture is from about waist high, standing over the bumper, representing what it looks like if you are bent over, looking at the bumper. If you look really closely from this distance, you can slightly tell that the epoxy is darker than the Monaco Blue body color.

This third picture is from about 12 inches away, examining the bumper. At this distance you can start to clearly see the epoxy is a different, darker color than the Monaco Blue body color.

This last picture is an extreme closeup, from only 3-4 inches away. The bright flash makes the epoxy look a little more grey than it actually is, it is a darker black than what this picture presents, but clearly not the same as the Monaco Blue body color.

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