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Originally Posted by Ant Man View Post
Great mod and excellent write up. I do remember you praising the standard dampers though a while back
And I still do praise the standard dampers, because with a few judicious tweaks to the springs (using Alpina spec springs) and bump stops for instance, you can get a standard car to ride very well under 95% of circumstances.

However, when pushing a car beyond normal boundaries, in the case of the 'Ring or suchlike, there is very obviously a limit as to what the standard suspension can cope with. I had lived quite happily with the standard(ish) suspension for two years and it really was only the lure of maximising the car's potential at the 'Ring that pushed me towards changing over to coilovers.

Originally Posted by Ant Man View Post
How are the APs now? What caused the squeeking?
The APs are brilliant Anyone who went in my car around the 'Ring a few weeks ago will testify to the immense stopping power and zero fade of those brakes. They are simply phenomemal!

The squeaking was down to the original Ferodo DS2500 pads not having anti-noise plates on the back, and were therefore moving too much in the caliper. Having changed over to Pagid 421s all noise has stopped - performance has increased immeasurably too.

Originally Posted by Ant Man View Post
Will you be doing any aero mods to increase downforce? Has the decrease in ride height reduced front end lift?
The lowered ride height has hugely decreased front end lift at speed - there's no longer as much tendency for the car to wander at speeds in excess of 150mph. I will however be adding the Alpina front lip at some stage as that is proven to increase front-end downforce and that's no bad thing!

Originally Posted by Ant Man View Post
How does the weight of springs / dampers compare to stock?
That's one thing I neglected to measure. I would imagine that there isn't really that much difference in weight - if anything, I would imagine the Bilstein's to be heavier, simply because there's just so much more to those dampers than the OEM Boge/Sachs units.

Originally Posted by Ant Man View Post
Any plans to run lighter wheels?
I have thought about this a lot. The wheels I currently use are the BMW Style 230 which I think are lovely. They also happen to be one of the lightest wheels BMW makes for the E9x, at least in 19" size. Total weight of a rear wheel including a 19" Michelin PS2 tyre is 23.2kgs. The wheel itself was 10.6kgs.

Going to a lighter wheel has huge benefit in terms of a reduction in moments of inertia and unsprung weight, which leads to a much crisper handling response, a more efficient transfer of power to the road and hence greater performance.

However, a lighter wheel has significant disadvantages for my own situation - my car lives in Central London and is used as a daily driver. With the amount of cracks and potholes on the roads here, I would very quickly end up bending a new set of lightweight wheels. It's just not very practical and would wind up being an expensive modification over time.

I could get a set wrapped in Cup tyres only for visits to the 'Ring though, and store the wheels over there

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And pls can we have the review of uprated intercooler and AR oil cooler
ok ok ok....