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Excellent writeup with pictures - Thank you. I plan to do a break in and mid interval oil changes myself and your pics were invaluable.

As for torque, I'm not a pro, but having done oil changes on my previous cars:

1. Tighten the drainbolt with arm strength. Don't go crazy. The copper washer is there to be slightly crushed and form a tight seal. If you overtighten, you could strip the threads on the bolt or worse - engine block. Unless you're a bodybuilder or use a ridiculously leveraged wrench, this is unlikly to happen.

2. Oil filters can be hand tightened

3. Old oil can be recycled at your local autobody/parts store. They ususally have a oil depot/tank that you pour the old stuff into. I funnel my old oil into leftover Tide/laundry detergent cointainers (clean ) and drain it at the recycle centers. Do not dump the oil in the trash or down the drain - bad for the environment and it's illegal.

Hope this helps

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