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Originally Posted by Terrance28 View Post
My bov stays open also on idle but it doesn't suck air in rather blow out. Here just read this it will explain alot on how a bov works. Springs don't close the bov high vaccum and boost does.
Therefore, your goal when selecting a BOV spring and adjusting the BOV should NOT be to select a spring based on your boost level; that makes no sense. Your goal is to get the BOV to stay CLOSED during high intake manifold vacuum/closed throttle plate conditions, using the very smallest amount of spring energy possible. Using less spring energy will allow the BOV to snap open as rapidly as possible when pressure release is necessary[/b]

Have a friend just touch or push the gas pedal and you look at the bov piston it will shut, now if you are under boost or high vaccum it will stay shut.

I have read this post about 3 times before...

so it should be closed when at idle right, no throttle? but mine does not close. am i understanding wrong? different for auto and manual? Im just really afraid im losing boost w it open..