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hey, i got this before too! with the "brake" light staying on in yellow and the traction control signaling its off...then in the digital display it shows the (O) with the "!" in the circle. is this waht you are getting? i haven't taken it in yet since it goes out on its own. and i drive my car ALLLLL the time...3-4x a day.

last week when i locked the car with the fob it made a weird electrical sound like something had current going through when it wasn't supposed to. then my locks didn't work...checked the fuses and the locking system was blown and replaced fuse...blew again...replaced again and it seemed to work from there...though that stupid dynamic system error comes on... and i checked for codes and all i got was a 2ab4. doesn't seem like you are alone, buddy. hope they figure it out!


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