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Originally Posted by Raikkonen
e90wraith, thank you very much. This write-up is incredibly clear, concise, and thorough. I'll definitely be doing my own changes when my car arrives. I do have a few questions. How does this affect the maintenance indicator? Does it automatically reset itself, or can that be done as a DIY, or does the dealer have to do that. If so, will they charge you to reset it and then void your free maintenance?????? Thanks again for taking the time to put together this post!
The car does not automatically reset the maintenance indicator after an oil change. It has no way of knowing whether you've changed the oil or not. I have heard that on the e90, you can reset the maintenance indicator with the on-board computer, sans an external reset tool (required for the previous 3-series), although I haven't tried it myself nor do I know the exact procedure. Personally, I wouldn't reset the indicator until my next scheduled free oil change by the dealer. I would let the dealer reset it at that time. If I were to reset it now, I would be delaying my free oil change. The dealer will only care whether the indicator is lit, not the actual last oil change interval. I'll worry about resetting the indicator when my free maintenance period is over. For now, I'll just enjoy!

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