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Originally Posted by tiga901
Great write up...BTW, my mechanic friend told me that the BMW oil is made by the same people that makes Mobil 1. So he told me that it would be perfectly okay to use Mobil 1 5W-30 synthetic oil. As for the filter, I guess it should be OEM.

Thanks a lot....I think I will do the same and change oil at about 2500-3000 miles. It looks easy enough to DIY. An then do a 5K interval after that.
I've heard that the new synthetic oil from BMW is made by Castrol. It seems likely since it says "Castrol" on top of the square oil cap! This is unless Castrol paid to advertise on BMWs...

Oddly, the BMW manual says that approved oils are BMW synthetic and Mobil 1. It doesn't mention Castrol - so go figure... Some have speculated that Castrol oil in Europe is different from those sold in the US.

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