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Originally Posted by obLu
Sorry, I'm calling then ... you purchased and went ahead with the installation even during/after the negative comments about the quality and price. But we still asked impressions and possibly pics of the parts.

I nit pick everything so my negative comments weren't directed at you specifically for choosing to install this intake. I just like to know all the plus and minuses about everything before I make a decision. Pretty sure as a bunch, BMW owners are the same level of critical.

If you choose to bail on us, that's fine. But it does seem odd that you'd continue to post in the thread about how you're going to get it installed ... during the negative comments ... and then come back and post a naa naa boo boo on us for posting negative stuff.

Therefore I call and say you ended up listening to the negativity and ditched the intake at the last second.
maybe the product doesn't look that good or doesn't look like it worth the money, but the owner of that intake have right not to tell anyone how it feels. For those who want to know the performance and doesn't want to pay, one word "cheap"