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Originally Posted by n1smo1984 View Post
Thats how it looks without the Centerpiece.

Just for your info, i dont have the centerpiece myself, its just wrapped with high quality carbon vinyl. I absolutely DO NOT recomment to buy the centerpiece unless you have to much money left. Its waste of money, you wont see the difference between real carbon and the carbon vinyl, even if you stand right next to the car. Most of the time its so dark down there that it looks simply black, maybe because of the high contrast with the white color.
Thought about buying the centerpiece at first, but now im really happy i didnt waste my money on it.

Glad to hear someone puts my ride on his desktop, im honored.
If you need some of the pictures in a higher resolution, just tell me.
Great info, thanks. I will do the same, wrap it to carbon vinyl or paint it black.

And not just any desktop, I work for BMW I might actually but it to our plasma screen if you dont mind.