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Originally Posted by Vudoo4u2 View Post
no manufacturer makes engines that run "on the ragged edge" out of the box...
+1 Plus we know there are significant safety margins built in by BMW. Plus you have people like Shiv and HotRod running 150+whtq/whp over stock and no grenaded drivetrains. That says a lot for the durability, at least over the short term.

You have to look at who he's talking to - a GTO forum. He's just trying to give those people a warm fuzzy feeling about their cars. There's nothing inherently wrong with the GTO, it's just for a different type of enthusiast. They're fast enough with simple bolt ons, and might have better long-term durability at the 100+whp over stock mods level...

In the end none of it matters because regardless of how much money you put into mods, there's always going to be someone out there with more cash and more power. But the more mods you have and the higher up the HP food chain you are, the less likely you are to run into one of those cars on the road at random.
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