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|| Supreme Power Front Lowering Spring Perch Sale ||

SUPREMEPOWER now offering Front Lowering Spring Perch for your vehicle!

-TRYING to figure out how to lower your car a "little more.." and pulling your hair trying to do so?
-Want to lower the front of your car, but keep your factory/OEM suspension?
-Want to lower the front end a bit more, after adding aftermarket suspension (non-coilover set up), but can't do it?

You've asked, and now we are supplying these for you!

CLICK ME! Front Lowering Spring Perch

(picture shown, exact perch set you will receive)
Spring perches lowers car approximately 10 - 15 mm or (0.4 - 0.6")

CLICK ME! Front Lowering Spring Perch

Full and Informative Review from gaifaun!

Originally Posted by gaifaun View Post
I've always wanted to lower the front of the car just a little bit to get rid of the ugly wheel gap but also to maintain its "oem, classy" look. nothing too aggressive, and i wanted the signature "raked" look from BMWs. Supreme Power's lowering perch do just the job in removing the wheel gap I am very satisfied! This is mainly for aesthetic purposes and if you want handling upgrades, go with coilovers.

Customer Service and Packaging:

Eric's serivice is truly outstanding. The time it took from my fiirst PM to him and to receiving the package, was less than a week! Truly a smooth and seamless transaction. thanks again Eric!

the perches arrived in a box filled with "air bladders". The result is the perches were nice and very secure in the box with more than adequate padding.

The perches seem to be made of high quality metals and the quality is superior compared to the OEM spring perch. The price is great too! 1/3 the cost of lowering springs. Also, you only need to pay installation for just the front and not rear. OEM ride quality is maintained. this is a major selling point for those on a lease.

*does not fit Xi models

SP lowering perch (left), OEM (right)

NEW Improved Supreme Power Lowering Spring Perch now in Stealth Black

I took it to an experienced shop which completed the install in 1 hour 30 minutes. the most important tool is the spring compressor. Briefly:
1) remove front shock tower
2) compress OEM spring on spring compressor
3) loosen nuts and remove OEM perch on top
4) remove rubber seal from OEM perch
5) replace with SP lowering perch
6) reverse steps for reinstall

install cost me $120 and it is only $99 ( I believe) at SP's garage! much more economical than doing a full coilover install.

silver, grayish circular object at the top of the shock tower is the OEM perch.

shock tower detached, OEM perch on top

Spring compressor compressing stock spring while perches are being swapped

I sucessfully lowered the front of my car around 0.5 inches and the wheel gap is gone, the front sits the same height as the rears. It should've been like this stock! It looks more aggressive and sporty in person and i've gotten many compliments from friends!







No alignment required. my car drove wonderfully after the install. My headlights needed a bit of re-aiming though. (the guide to re-aiming your low-beams are on E90post).

The drop ranges from 0.4-0.6 of an inch approx. I'm happy with 0.5 inch drop. I'm completing the look of my car bit by bit! thanks again Eric @ Supreme Power! For the price, and the looks, i would recommend this to anyone!

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