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My new car should be in port tomorrow - I was planning on calling my CA in the morning and requesting that the dealership do absolutely no prep on my car and leave the shipping plastic, etc, on. I definitely don't want the dealer to install the swirl option, but what about at the VPC? I understand they wash the cars there as well. Does that mean the VPC is actually the place they install the shipping plastic? And should I be asking the CA to tell the VPC to do nothing with the car?

Just trying to figure out if it is something I need to deal with when it gets to the VPC, or if I only have to worry about my dealer getting their dirty sponges on it . . .

Nothing you can do about VPC. Just don't think about it. Just make sure the dealer only does the mechanical pre-delivery inspection and nothing else. The car will still have all the stickers, plastic on the seats etc and you'll be glad they didn't touch it...
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